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Lecture 35

SOCIOL 41 Lecture 35: Sociology 41 Notes

Course Code

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Sociology Department
Sociology 41
Small Group Dynamics
Professor Schuster
Course Code: 69150
Discussion Course Code: 69151
4 Units
No Prerequsites
Location: SSPA 1100
Beginning of Lecture:
Pattern of Leader Emergence
General pattern (process of elimination)
Phase one
Elimination of:
Quiet members
Members who express strong, unqualified assertions
Uninformed, unintelligent, and/or skilled
Phase 2
Consideration for leader of:
Member who provide solutions in crisis
Member who exhibit effective listening skills
Member who acquires a lieutenant
[if more than one member acquires a lieutenant, possible
How to become a leader
Manifest conformity to group norms, values, and goals
Display proper motivation to lead
Avoid the thou shalt (nots)”
Modifying factors in leader emergence
Gender and ethnic bias
Twenty percent rule
Bias decreases as the number of women/ethnic minorities increases
to 20%
Familiarity and communication competence overcome biases
Retaining leadership
Demonstrate competence as a leader
Accept accountability for your actions
Satisfy group member expectations
Perspectives on Leadership Effectiveness
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