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Lecture 34

SOCIOL 41 Lecture 34: Sociology 41 Notes

Course Code

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Sociology Department
Sociology 41
Small Group Dynamics
Professor Schuster
Course Code: 69150
Discussion Course Code: 69151
4 Units
No Prerequsites
Location: SSPA 1100
Beginning of Lecture:
Group Leadership
An influence process between leaders and followers, directed toward change that
reflects mutual purposes of group members
Leadership and followership exist together or exist not at all
Fundamentally a communication process
Managers vs Leaders
Operate from a position of authority
Maintain the status quo (transactional leadership)
Leadership implies change (transformational leadership)
Gets things done, makes things happen, inspires, motivates
How not to become a leader
Thou shall:
1. Show up late for or miss important meetings
2. Be uninformed about a group problem
3. Manifest apathy by sluggish participation in group discussion
4. Attempt to dominate conversation
5. Listen Poorly
6. Be rigid and inflexible when expressing viewpoints
7. Bully group members
8. Use offensive and abusive language
Pattern of Leader Emergence
General pattern (process of elimination)
Phase one
Elimination of:
Quiet members
Members who express strong, unqualified assertions
Uninformed, unintelligent, and/or skilled
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