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Lecture 21

SOCIOL 41 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Arthur Schuster, Interpersonal Attraction, Ostracism

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Sociology 41
Small Group Dynamics - Small Group Behaviors
Professor Schuster
Course Code: 69150
4 Unit Course
Key: Subjects/topics discussed in class
Notes: Lecture 21
***Primary Dimensions of Groups Overview
Primary Dimensions of Groups
In general:
Cohesiveness increases productivity
Excessive focus on productivity -> stress and conflict
Excessive focus on cohesiveness -> increased liking but accomplishing nothing
Building Cohesiveness
1. Encourage compatible membership
2. Develop shared goals
3. Accomplish tasks
4. Develop of positive history of cooperation
5. Promote acceptance of group members
Phases of Group Development
1. Forming - why we join groups
2. Storming - feeling the tension
3. Norming - regulating the group
4. Performing - group output
1. Forming
Need to belong
Interpersonal attraction
Attraction to group activities
Attraction to group goals
Establishment of meaning and identity
Fulfillment of unrelated needs
Competent Communication and Group Development
Forming periodic phase
Express positive attitudes and feelings
Appear friendly, open, and interested
Encourage a getting to know you” conversation
Find areas of commonality and cooperation
Establish clear group goals
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