WRITING 39C Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Thesis Statement, Deep Foundation

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3 Nov 2016
P254 -- P260
Techniques that Bridge the HCP and AP
Causation: persuasive evidence of particular causes
Coverage (Comprehensiveness)
Do the potential solutions discussed satisfactorily address the problem for a sig number of those
most affected by the problem?
What group of people, will be affected or have been affected historically?
Does the benefits of the solution discussed by scholars and experts exceed the costs?
What benefits will result? How long it will take for benefits to be seen. Document and analyze
results to past solutions.
To support a feasibility analysis, present evidence that implementation of a particular
solution/solutions is feasible in terms of money, time and support. Offer historical comparisons.
Have similar solutions worked well? Not so well? Comparable context can also be drawn from
the past. Show that a similar policy has worked in a similar context.
Your HCP will become a richly-textured thesis statement, one that deepens your articulation of the
problem at hand and argues convincingly for ways to move forward.
When we think of the act of advocating and when we imagine a person or an organization who is an
advocate for a cause, we think of strongly held opinions delivered with intensity from a rhetorical
position that appears unshakable, deeply confident in the ethical rightness of its arguments and the
accuracy of its knowledge.
Counter Argument: Helps to demonstrate the mastery of established arguments and knowledge in areas
of discourse and show their recognition of the legitimacy of other perspectives.
Effective advocates deliver strong and impassioned arguments by undermining counterarguments. They
have researched, read, and considered positions that run against their own. They use such positions to
deepen their own positions.
Successful advocates draw from a deep well of knowledge when carefully selecting the evidence and
rhetorical appeals.
The assignment challenges you to become a strong advocate, one who articulates the depth and
complexity of a current and pressing problem and then analyzes various solutions.
Presentation Tips
1. Deliver your presentation with authority and pace yourself.
2. Present your argument, thesis statement, or guiding questions clearly and in interesting way.
3. Describe and summarize the significant political/social/cultural problem you are addressing.
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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