WRITING 39C Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Independent Film, Pm Magazine, David Bohnett

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Published on 19 May 2016
39c 6th Lecture 16:38
Magazine choice and introduction
Establish the context (key ideas going to address, background history, time
Introduce every main primary source, not secondary
Overall argument and purpose
Set up the thesis or purpose
Republic.com 2.0
Data – page 52
Page 61
Models – page 54-55
Page 91 (55)
Page 59
Page 74
Page 94-95
Definitions – page 57 (welfare reform, understood as reductions in benefits,
is an act of official cruelty
Page 60
Page 65 (16)
Responses – page 53 (people’s level of interest in the same news stories was
greatly affected by the network label)
Page 49 (geocities.com David Bohnett)
Topic: “How did American film censorship progress from the 20th into
the 21st century?”
Magazine choice: Filmmaker Magazine (Filmmaker readers are leaders in
the field producing interesting and intelligent independent films and long-
form video projects. Filmmaker readers are educated writers, directors,
producers, film industry representatives, and others working in the
independent film space.)
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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