WRITING 39C Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Academic Journal, Google Books

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19 May 2016
39c 4th lecture 16:33
My Topic
How did American film censorship progress from the 20th into the
21st century?
1st essay - 5-7 sources (historical conversations essay)
pick a time frame and examine the different perspectives from the years
chosen and how we got to today (past to present)
write a magazine article
2nd essay
where do we go next
actual essay
**Research is not searching and finding; research is the process of
identifying, evaluating, and employing information in our writing.
Golden rules of research
1. Research always addresses a specific question or problem.
2. Research is always an organized, disciplinary activity.
Shorter= Research is always organized.
Evaluating sources
Go to lib.uci.edu
Then go to access databases -> academic search complete -> subject terms
Type main term
Make notes of possible other categories
Make notes of earliest dated sources for the historical timeframe
Find between 1 and 3 great sources to start with
Go through academic journal and find their works cited and go through that
for more sources
Research builds off of each other
Find a preview of the book on Google books or something like that
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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