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University of California - Riverside
ANTH 160

The scene takes place in a normal suburban house hold in California. It stars two characters, a 17 year old teen named Marcus and his father Johnathan. Marcus was anAstudent on his last year of high school. But lately, his father Jonathan has been getting notices from his school of problems he has been having. Marcus has been back talking back and disrupting class, skipping school, and failing all of his courses. To make matters worse, Marcus's mother has found a stash of marijuana in his room and asked his father to talk to him. The scene starts as Marcus is coming home from school and Johnathan was waiting in the kitchen for him. Scene #1 Scene starts with Jonathan on the phone in the kitchen Jonathan(on the phone): I know hun......I understand but I just dont know what is going on with him....I know, I am going to talk to him......Ya he should be home soon. Jonathan heres the front door being unlocked and opened from the kitchen. Jonathan(on the phone): Oh he's home. I got to go. I'll talk to you too, bye. Marcus enters the house, slamming the door Marcus: Mom. Dad. Im home. Marcus starts up the stairs to his room Jonathan (calling out loudly): Marcus, could you come in the kitchen please? Marcus rolls his eyes then heads to the kitchen. Johnathan siting at the table Marcus: What's up? Johnathan: Everything going ok? Marcus: Ya Jonathan: Are you sure? Marcus: Yeeaah Jonathan: You don't have anything to tell me? Marcus(annoyed): No dad, Why? Jonathan: Then you tell me why your mom found this in your room? Jonathan places the bag of marijuana on the table angrly Marcus (angry and shocked): Where did you find that? Why did you
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