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ANTH 160

Message #1: Hey, its Danny. I was so happy to meet you beautiful. I had a really good time dancing with you, you have some really good dance moves. I am especially excited that I went out tonight, because if I didn't I would never have met you. So, do you like going dancing? I was hoping you would give me the pleasure to take BEEP-MACHINE CUTS OFF) Message #2: Hi its Danny again, sorry the answering machine beeped on me before I finished. I was just curious, if you liked going out dancing? As, girl you could really move your body. I've never seen anyone as good as you before, and definitely not at this place. I guess we were just destined to run into each other tonight. Its the only thing that makes sense, Ive never met anyone as amazing as you before. Maybe our destiny’s crossed paths and now we... BEEP-MACHINE CUTS OFF) Message #3: It's me again. I think I need to beat the answering machine.I was just thinking and was curious. Well maybe I shouldn't think too much about it, but I should be honest with you. You remember me from earlier right? I'm the guy that was amazed by the way you move. You stole my heartbeat when I saw you on the dance floor. You were just Amazing. You looked like you enjoying my company too and thought of me as amazing too. If you didn't think of me as amazing, then maybe we should think about you and me. Do you like things that are... BEEP-MACHINE CUTS OFF) M
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