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PHIL 001
Gillian Ramsey

Argumentation • Explain reason and conclusion (five sentences) • Technical words in text • All words look like English • “Reason” • It’s an everyday word • Means something special • Keep track what it means to each author • Make sense of the readings! • Distill an argument from readings the Republic • We’re only reading four out of 10 chapters • Only reading selections Learning to live the good life • To philosophize is to learn how to die • For philosophy, pursuing conception of the good life • No religious freedom if not Puritan/Christian, but you there is now • In the 50’s, you couldn’t be socialist/communist, but you can now • Three general conceptions of the good life • Principled life according to Plato • Plato’s life of reason • Devoted to God (Catholic) • Baptist/Catholic • Conventional – what society does • Men wear pants • Can’t wear women skirts • This is due to the societal behaviors we have • See life of Confucianism • What society does (?) us good • Mengzi • Professor Ramsey is interested in Confucianism • Natural life • Caricature – cartoon picture (e.g. political cartoons) • A life of a care • A life of aggressive self-interests • Caricature of American man • Rugged individualist •
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