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PHIL 001
Gillian Ramsey

Philosophy NotesMonday April 8 Glaucon and Adeimantus are unsatisfied with Socrates and Thrasymachus discussion they press Socrates Glaucon playing devils advocate offers a skeptical challenge in 4 steps The first 45 pages of Book II are Professor Ramseys favorite pages in the Republic From every day intuitive instinctionconstruct huge philosophical problem Whole basic new start to the Republic young Plato wrote dialog that features Socrates and they all take elenchus method people think an older Plato wrote books 210 and is advocating Platos own view it is a more substantive challenge than book 1 Glaucon is going to set up his challenge Adeimantus offers a different version of the challenge religiousbased were going to focus on the conventionalbased challengeI 3 Kinds of Gooda goods in themselves things desired only for their own sake pleasurejoy involved terminology intrinsic b mixed goods things desired for their own sake and for their good consequences knowledge seeing beauty being healthy c instrumental goods things desired for their consequences medicinetreatments occupations paying rentNotice that all of these goods are subjective things desiredwe may disagree about whether X is an a b cA good in themselves something we do purely for its own sake we may do things to experience joy a good in itself is something we desire because it feels goodSkip b we do instrumental goods because of its consequences we may hate doing it eg going to class because we want to get info to do well on the midterm take medicine eg Robitussin to want symptoms of coldsinus infection to go away pay rent to have a place to live every montha and c are very different types of goods theyre all subjective for subjectpleasure vs objective good for all
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