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Information Systems
INFS 1100
Kenneth Riddle

INFS 1100 Lecture 2 Save Button AutoSum Button Column Letter Excel I Name Box Fill Handle Formula Bar Cell referenced as A1, Column then Row Row Number -You may click on a cell to select it and it gets a thick border around it. -You may fill the cell with text by typing in it, also with numbers. -If your text is too much to fit in one cell you can double click between the cell and its adjacent cell and it will best fit the text to the right size. -The Formula bar will show all of the cell contents or the equation used in the cell. -Auto Correct will automatically correct your commonly misspelled words and many time fix capital letter mistakes. -Text is always set to be left aligned in a cell while numbers are right aligned. -You can change these settings under: File Excel options. -After you enter a column or row of numbers you can click the AutoSum button and it will add up all the numbers in that column or row. -To copy a cells contents to adjacent cells you can grab the small black square on the bottom of a selected cell, the fill handle, and drag it to the cell you want to copy it to. -You can also use the fill handle to copy an equation so that all the cells will follow that equation but it will change the cells to use with the change in destination. -To select
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