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University of Central Florida
ANT 2000
Jeff Reinking

SEC Annual Report Project #1 ACG 2021 Fall 2013 Due in Webcourses on October 6, 2013 ***PLEASE PROVIDE ALL ANSWERS IN WEBCOURSES - THIS PRINT OUT IS PROVIDED FOR YOUR REFERNCE ONLY WHILE VIEWING THE SEC WEBSITE*** 1. What is date of the most recent year-end statements for Apple? a. December 31, 2012 b. September 29, 2012 c. October 31, 2012 d. September 30, 2012 2. What is the revenue growth or decline (actual total dollars) for Apple as of the most recent year- end financial statement compared to the prior year-end for 2011? a. $48,259,000 b. $48,259,000,000 c. $41,733,000,000 d. $41,733,000 3. What is the net income for Apple as of the most recent year-end statement? a. $44.64 b. $41,733,000,000 c. $41,733,000 d. $55,241,000,000 4. What are the total resources owned by Apple as shown in the most recent balance sheet? a. $10,746,000 b. $92,122,000,000 c. $116,371,000,000 d. $176,064,000,000 1 5. How much money does Apple expect to receive from their customers based on purchases from their customers (i.e. wholesale customers such as Walmart, Target, etc.) made on account as of the most recent year-end statement? a. $21,175,000,000 b. $10,930,000,000
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