COM 1000 Lecture 8: Lectures 7 and 8- Fallacies

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8 Feb 2017

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Communication: Lectures 7 and 8Listening and Critical thinking
Are women better listeners than men?
Can you be more likeable by listening more?
When did you start listening?
Is listening exercise?
How much time to college students spend listening?
Who cares about good listening?
Babies are given hearing tests before they leave the hospital by looking for electrodes
when babies hear tones
o Hearing is physical
o Listening is making sense of what you hear
Listening does burn calories because it is an active brain process
Listening is learned first, used most, but taught the least
o Speaking is learned second, used next to most, but taught next to least
o Reading is learned third, used next to least, but taught next to most
o Writing is learned fourth, used least, and taught most
Why don’t people listen?
o Message overload- too many noises
o Preoccupation- thinking about other things
o Faulty assumptions- you think you know what the person will say
o Hearing problems- If you can’t hear, you can’t listen
o External noise- other noise distractions that stop you from listening
o Lack of apparent advantages- “Why should I bother listening?”
In a recorded conversation where one student talked 80% of the time and the other
student talked 20% of the time, the person who talked the most is disliked the most by
people who viewed the video conversation
o Talking less can make people like you more because they assume you’re listening
to them
o Talking more can make someone not like you, which can be used strategically
Are women really better listeners than men?
o Men interrupt conversations far more than other women
o Men typically interrupt to gain control of the conversation
o Women interrupt less than men, on average
o Women interrupt to communicate agreement, elaborate on the speaker’s idea, or
simply to participate in the conversation
A study (Rhodes) of Midwestern personnel managers found that those managers think
active listening equals:
o Asking questions
o Creating a supportive climate
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