HUM 2020 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Frame Story, Postcolonialism

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14 Sep 2017
why is it important to study the humanities?
humanities: studying what it means to be human
study human being experience beyond words
thinking about what is communicated to human and what does each communication
mean and how is each experience communicated
human history is this world
critical thinking is about asking question
o best critical thinking in non-judgemental
understand diverse human experience
why should we be critically assessing discipline of humanities?
discipline of humanities is contingent of power among human beings
focus on white, male perspective
monolithic uniform and powerful of a large group or organisation
what is theory?
begin with observation, ask question (what are correlations between various
observations, construct a greater understanding of ourselves and our world), build a
frame questions framing device help to bring focus on what we are looking at
based on observations
not a singularity
o feminism three waves (ongoing of 150 years)
distinct theoretical frameworks
idea and focus of oppression and inequality with women
o post-colonialism theory is plural within theories (more and more, complex
predict or make intelligent predictions based on observations about what could
happen if issues aren’t addressed
find more resources at
find more resources at
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