IDS 3150 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Critical Thinking

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Published on 2 Nov 2017
1. Discipline
- Subject, course of study, body of knowledge (eg: bio, econ)
+ set vocab
+ canon
- Epistemology: study of how we know what we know, what count as valid info, how
knowledge is born; 2 dimensions
+ epistemological: not applying problems to real world
+ social
- Gatekeepers: setting up rules, terms/vocab, basic foundation of knowledge
- Methods
2. Disciplinary Research
- Involving 1 discipline
3. Multidisciplinary
- 1+ disciplines
- Participants not cooperate/ cross boundaries, only look @ problems from their own
4. Interdisciplinary Research
- 1+ disciplines
- Participants from multiple disciplines integrating, cooperating, communicate w/
each other
- Problem-focused
find more resources at
find more resources at
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