INR 4030 Lecture 2: French Revolution

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8 Feb 2017

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017
French revolution
-The French Revolution introduces ideology in 1789
-France was the most powerful and rich country in Europe at this time so this is a big
-Liberty, equality, and fraternity. You can’t really have both liberty and equality. equality
is not a natural state of things so in order to have equality the gov’t needs to impose it
which detracts from the liberty. Fraternity in this revolution meant to make France as
hegemony as possible.
-Levee en Masse is the raising of mass troops. Since France is now a republic the
gov’t feels that it can now arm its people and they are willing to fight for their country
and they we’re going to carry the ideas of France to the rest of the world. Napoleon
rose through the ranks and demonstrated his military genius and he stepped in and
posed order when the revolution started getting too wild. He established his own type
of aristocracy and crowned himself emperor. With a huge army the French went on
from their to over run all of Europe.
-Napoleon did have some setbacks during his time however, after taking Egypt he
went for the west ottoman empire but ended up getting beat by their navy to the point
he had to abandon his people.
-Treaty of Amiens in 1801 after the war had been going on for more than a decade and
France was expanding all over Europe and the British were the only real player left,
but the British weren’t interested in war so they English surrender the Mediterranean
and gave up a few small islands to let the fighting stop. Napoleon took this as a sign
of weakness and rebuilt his fleet and army.
-Talleyrand was Napoleons foreign administrator and is one of the great survivors of
international bureaucracy because he was there before napoleon and would stay
after napoleon.
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