INR 4084 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Tyrant, Smallpox

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8 Feb 2017

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017
Assassin Sect & French Revolution Intro
Politics of Int. Terrorism
-Some sects of Islam don’t believe in Democracy or other forms of gov’t where people
can make laws goes against the will of Allah.
-The Assassin sect came around the time of the crusades. There was a sect of islam
called the Ismaili sect that was persecuted by the sunni.
-I-Sabbah was a leader of the Ismaili sect who believed the best way to protect the
sect was by killing opposers in the most painful way possible. The way they operated
was they had their villages that they protected and they would send out operatives
and identify a likely young guy who seemed healthy and drug him and take him back
to their village where when he would wake up he would wake up in a beautiful garden
with beautiful women and they’d tell him that welcome to heaven that this was what
his life would be like. They would tell him that god had just been here and wanted to
ask a favor of him. They’d tell him god wanted him to kill a sinner and that he’d
probably die in the process but then he would come right back to enjoy “heaven” for
all eternity. So they’d drug him again and take him back and leave him with
instructions and a weapon.
-After a while however this sect just became a pay to kill group and would get hired for
jobs. They ran into trouble when the mongols came into their area and the Ismaili told
them to leave them alone that they could kill whoever other than them but the
mongols didn’t agree so the Ismaili murdered a bunch of mongol generals, the
mongols didn’t take that well so they sent over more mongols and just wiped out all
-Mongols were experts at killing off small villages and they would often just seize small
towns completely and then kill everyone and cut off their heads and send the heads
into the next town as a message asking them to give all their riches or that they would
end up the same way.
-Tyrannicide has a divided view on it one was when the killer of a tyrant would be seen
as a hero and not a terrorist and the other was when the killer was seen as a traitor.
-Skip a few years to 1605 and we have Guy Fawkes who planted 1800 pounds of
gunpowder under parliament and were planning to take out the whole gov’t but luckily
they were tipped and were able to prevent the attack. First attack that was meant to
use weapons of mass destruction.
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