INR 4084 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: State Terrorism, Outlast, Sicarii

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8 Feb 2017

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Monday, January 23, 2017
Psychology/History of Terrorism
Politics of Int. Terrorism
-Psychology of Terrorism
Most who participate in terrorism believe that if they join the movement they will
leave a legacy behind that will outlast them.
Movements often create force where expulsion from movement is scarier than
death (similar to military).
Mass movements rely on spectacle they require media attention and coverage,
doing things in secret isn’t very beneficial or pleasing for them.
Groups usually create an idealistic society from the past or the future that people
seek to come possibly even after they’re dead.
In mass movements charismatic leaders are really important
Terrorists are actually normal in the sense of mental illness for the most part. They
have to follow complicated tasks that the people are sane they just believe that
what they are doing is justifiable.
The parent child matrix Parent on Left (How they are to regime) Child on Top (how
they are towards parent)
-History of Terrorism
Earliest form we know is State Terrorism which was very seen when in ancient
times the gov’t would kill all who opposed them or did something they didn’t like.
In ancient times the population at large wasn’t the target because they had no role
in gov’t so they would only focus on the small population of people who had power.
Weapon of choice was the dagger but swords and bow & arrows were also used.
Bows weren’t really easily concealable and usually one shot wasn’t deadly.
Nobody knows
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