PSY 2012 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Sigmund Freud, Unconscious Mind, Psych

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3 Sep 2016
-Psych is the study of overt and covert behaviors
Overt: Observable (actions and words) -use all 5 senses to detect
Covert: Covered (thoughts and emotions) -still real
-There is a relationship between what we think&feel and what we do&say
Covert can turn into overt and vice versa
-The goal of psych is to come up with a set of rules that explain most behaviors most of
the time
-The rules enable us to predict behavior, to potentially control it, or to potentially prevent
-there is always an exception to every rule
-research enables us to discover those rules
-different psychologists explain the same behavior in different ways because they have
different perspectives (behavior is still the same)
-each explanation is supported by different degrees of research
more accurate explanations are supported by more research
-theoretical perspectives are approaches to behavior that enables psychologists to
understand it from a particular viewpoint
Sigmund Freud
-the psychodynamic perspective focuses on the unconscious mind and its effects on
also focuses on the past (early childhood experiences) to understand the present
Thorndike and Skinner
-the behavioral perspective focuses on observed behaviors and how they are reinforced
rewards and punishments
when you get a reward, you’re more likely to do a behavior (nurture)
when you get punished, you’re less likely to do it
-the humanistic perspective focuses on the ability to direct one’s own life, reach one’s
true potential, and be the best one can be
-the cognitive perspective focuses on how we think and process information
how we think determines what we do
-the evolutionary perspective focuses on the instinctive and biological basis for our
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find more resources at
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