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PSY 2012
Charles Negy

Psych- Sept 25 9/25/2013 12:09:00 PM Freud’s Psychosexual Stages of Development 1. Oral Stage (birth to 1 or 2)  Mouth is an “erogenous zone”- (erogenous zone=pleasure zone). Everything you give a baby he will put in his mount. Things can go wrong-parent who resent to take care of his family (40%of babies that are born by heterosexual parents are not planned) lack of interest manifests itself. When a mother changes his food to solid food instead of milk, and he is not ready. After this experience, the baby will grow up to be frustrated and be a bitch. Another example, every time a baby screams the mom puts her breast in its mouth and the baby will grow up to be a dependent, he will think that others think that others are there to serve his needs. 2. Anal stage (age 1-3)  Anus is also an erogenous zone  Parents tries to toilet train their baby. Good parents do not pressures too much. The other too extremes- if the parent is too harsh when potty training, he will grow up to be a tight ass person (needs control over their life). The other is parents are relaxed baby grows up to be a anal expulsive (slobs, don’t care about order or control or saving money) 3. Phallic stage (age 3 to 5)-Anything that represents a penis.  Boys discover their penis  Gir
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