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Social Psychology
SOP 3723
Charles Negy

Independence - Don’t depend on others - Take charge of your life - Pick yourself up and move on - Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps - You’re responsible for yourself Funder’s law Pros - Feel empowered - Increased ability to control your destiny - People like you ( We like others we don’t have to “take care of” ) Cons - Detached from others (preschool; nursing homes) - Value friends over family - Pressure/stress to be self-sufficient - Challenge for young adults - Guilt/Shame for asking for assistance Family = “Nuclear” family Family = Parents + Siblings or Spouse + Children ● Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, Cousins are detached and sometimes devalued ● Grandparents → No legal right to access to grandchildren according to the US Supreme court ● Loss of social support ( Friends valued over family) White Lower Social Class ( Largest Group among “poor”) - If you’re white and poor, you have no excuse ( cant blame racism) - “White trash” - Trailer trash - Walmart shoppers - Red becks - Welfare whores (jerry Falwell) Poor whites Have uneducated parents, generally they dont emphasize education, and dont promote reading, and don’t take kids to educational outings Poor white parents often dont speak standard english, so kids don’t, and style of dress reflects SES, live in poor neighborhoods, and kids attend “under-funded schools” Consequences May be passed over for jobs, may be promoted for less on jobs, may be less respected in social interactions ( Denied bank loans, charged higher insurance, less respected by police, etc) Paradoxes of White Americans 1) All men are created equally 2) “Religious Freedom” 3) “Freedom of speech” In the land of the free - No Polygamy
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