SOP 3723 Lecture 23: Intro into Arabs and Muslims

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Social Psychology
SOP 3723
Charles Negy

Arab Muslim Americans Arabs Muslims Middle Eastern Cultures Arabic Diaspora Arab = debatable Sometimes defined as those speaking Arabic Sometimes geographically Sometimes politically ( E.g, Arab League of Nations) Arabian Peninsula Saudi Arabia wasnt always called that. ( A family called Saudi took over and called it that) Islam begins in Arabia Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Yemen, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates. Jordan and Iraq ( Portions) .. Palestine and Israel are not considered Persians Speak persian Iran mostly Zoroastrianisms (Zoraster) 500 BC Those speaking persian but ay not call themselves persians : Afghanistan, Kurds Speak Kurdish Parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey. Despised minority Kurdistan in northern iraq is questionable as a country Muslims Moslems Muslim = follower of Islam Majority of Arabs are Muslim but majority of Muslims are not Arabs Culture and Customs In general, on Average, as a trend Family and and gender Family is the unit Family honor is important Women generally tend to needs of men and family Clear gender distinctions, favoring males Women may wield power inside home, but generally patriarchal Culture ( Funders law: Everything that is a strength is also a weakness) Parents exert much influence over childrens lives, even as adults Marriages frequently arranged (varies in degree of parental involvement) Daughtersinlaw expected to care for husbands aging parents ( often in their homes)
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