Anthropology 9: Culture and Society - Lecture 1 Notes

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Jason Throop

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Margaret Mead -anthropologist (Pacific) -huge contributor to cultural anthropology -ideas taken up in pop. culture -challenged basic assumptions about gender, equality, and adolescence -highly controversial S. Ann Dunham -Obamas mom -Indonesia -everyday economics practices amongst women -rural development1 -micro credit programs to spur entrepreneurship Anthropology? -> Philosophy Immanuel Kant -What can I know? -What should I do? -What may I hope for? -What is a human being? -1798 book on anthropology • anthropos (Gk.):"human," "humanity" • logia (Gk.): "study of" • the study of the shared and diverse ways we are and become human (aka, our human condition) • explores influence of biological, historical, linguistic, & cultural heritages on human ways of being -certain processes, we didn't just show up -asks fundamental questions A science of human existence? humans: -material beings -self conscience -experience the world Alfred Kroeber (1876-1960) -father of American anthropology "Anthropology is the most humanistic of the sciences and the most scientific of the humanities" • What it is… • What it means… • What it feels like… …to be human Anthropology: • is a holistic discipline that studies the human condition in all of its diversity across time and space Four Fields: • Biological Anthropology - 7 how it is humans became the kind of beings they are - evolution • Archaeological Anthropology - 8 past human civilizations - discoverable materials • Linguistic Anthropology - 33 how language ties up to everyday practices - evolution of language • Socio-Cultur
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