Anthropology 9: Culture and Society - Lecture 3 Notes

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University of California - Los Angeles
Jason Throop

Michel Foucault Technology of Self -Writing is a form of reflecting on oneself Inscribing Experience External observations Internal thoughts Picking out parts which are important to selectively remember "How do we get knowledge?" • Necessarily condensing it • Jottings, field notes, transcripts, drawings & maps, charts & diagrams, survey responses, material artifacts, pictures, audio-recording, film& video recording, computer screen shots, etc What makes ethnographic inscriptions special? -Open to the fact that they don't know what the story is yet, don't know the end result -Need to be open to the possibility that there are other aspects to the situation -Other perspectives from different people experiencing the event -Do not simplify peoples lives into black and white -Want to find purpose in findings -Not confined to laboratory settings -Not tourist, anthropologists attempt to integrate -Creating full human relationships Encounter Interpersonal Observation Interactive Participation Intersubjective "Deep Hanging Out" & "Thick Description" Clifford Geertz Bronislaw Malinowski Came up with two great practices: Participant Observation Long Term Field work Knowledge forced upon anthropologists, information isn't created "the inponderabilia of actual life" "penetrating mental attitude" vs. "recording of superficial details" "natives" is an antiquated term Participant Observation • Long-term engagement in the rhythms of a community's everyday life, routines & events • Observing what goes on in those engagements (including one's own actions & reactions) Participant Observers Paradox -the more intensely you partic
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