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Lecture 4

ANTHRO 169 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Homicide, AssaultPremium

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Jeffrey Brantingham

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Stand-Your-Ground Laws
- Most laws in the US lie under these type of laws.
- Why are these laws problematic? it goes back to the homicides committed amongst
different racial groups.
- White on white is justified homicide, but black on white is unjustifiable. Racial bias is
heavy in the realm of this stand-your-ground-laws.
“Justice should not be blind” - 19th century views
- New ways of looking at the world; finding new ways to look at nature.
- The world functions according to certain mechanisms.
- People do not have free will; circumstances happen due to natural mechanisms.
Positivist Criminology
- Changes the view of free will and choice.
- This is part of the scientific revolution.
- Rejection of free will and replaced with casual determination.
- Environment is what determines behavior, if not, then biological characteristics
determine their behavior.
- Completely new way of looking at the world.
- Though this transformed the justice system, it still remains largely Classical School:
specially when it comes to rehab, juvenile, and insanity.
- A positivist idea assumes that if we can find out what is inherently “wrong” with a
person, a particular sort of treatment can be created to treat their behavior, such as
juvenile detention and rehab.
Classical + Positive?
- Classical(democrat): free will, hedonistic, rationality.
- Positive(republican): environments and people are constrained; people are often irrational
due their feelings.
Deterrence Theory
- Does deterrence actually work? can certain mechanisms alter the behavior of an
This depends on the case and the individual; there are cases where institutional
mechanisms work but others do not; it is not universal.
What is crime?
Behavior + law = crime incident ——— offender-centric
- Focus on why certain crimes occur regardless of who is committing the crime.
- Crime Incident: moment in time from the start and end that defies the law is an instant
moment: the exchange of drugs and money happen simultaneously.
- Crime sequence: what is happening surrounding the instant incident? what is the
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