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Lecture 16

ANTHRO 169 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Victims FamilyPremium

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Jeffrey Brantingham

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Consequences of victims: from the point of view of people
- Consequences for victims are significant: physical loss/harm statistics:
- 25% violent crimes - injury(NCVS 1998)
- 68% personal crimes - lost-damaged property
- 48% of stolen cars are recovered
- Financial implications on victims are significant as well in violent crimes:
- Ex: murder financial loss is roughly $737,517(this is the cost imposed on
the victim’s family).
- The victim’s losses are incredibly massive not just financially but also
psychologically and emotionally.
- These psychological consequences often result in changes in behavior,
such as time away from work and isolation.
- Often people do not change their behavior to be more cautious about being victimized again
- ex: people who may have been assaulted at a bar, instead of refraining themselves from
going to a bar the next week, they still go to the bar as if the crime could not happen again to
them again. People more often times than not do not take precaution.
Victims vs. Targets
- How targets are seen from a point of view of crime:
Why is there such variation amongst items stolen? What makes one thing more
desirable to steal over another?
Items that are easy to hide and conceal are most likely to be stolen because
it allows the thief to go get away easily.
Items that are more removable are also easy targets.
Items that are available also most likely to be stolen; items that are easily
noticeable in the environment.
Items that are valuable are easy targets.
Items that are enjoyable.
Items that are more disposable; items that have a resale value.
- Cash is the top of the list of all the reasons considered above that is
stolen the most; it is disposable, conceable, valuable, removable,
and enjoyable.
Victims of Gang Violence
- What victims are more “desirable”?
- What type of people seem more appealing to take advantage of?
Exposure is one reasons why some people may be victimized over others. The
person who is more exposed being approached to be robbed is most likely to be
Vital targets are easier to victimize.
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