ARCH&UD 10B Lecture 9: Discussion 5: Ruskin, Paxton, Sullivan

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Architecture and Urban Design
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Discussion May 5th 2017 ● L. Sullivan ○ Form follows function - ‘Form forever follows function’ ○ American - nationalist style ○ Associating a new building type ○ Background ■ Boston 1856-1924 ■ Father of skyscrapers (manifestation of technology is the US) ○ Works ■ Guaranty Building, Buffalo, New York 1894 ● Iron cast is the new ornament ● New aesthetic ■ Wainwright building, St Louis ● Different from the ideological greek building ● Responds to new function ( no longer secular and religious) ○ Tall Office, Building Artistically considered ■ American industrial revolution ■ Building has a pattern and treats it as a machine ■ Three basics: entrance/lobby, office, and attic ○ Moment of invention of railroad ■ Changed England forever, allows materials to be transported throughout the country ■ Transportation and accessibility to new materials ■ Notion of time changes ● Construction of buildings cannot take a long time because the population was growing in the background ● Henri Labrouste ○ public library of st genevieve ○ Emphasized iron into as a decoration and not only as structural usage ○ Secular building with no intention of including the hierarchical ○ Designed the public library with gr
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