CHICANO 10B Lecture 2: Chicano Week 3 Lec 2

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Week 3 Lec 2
Main arguments
o Immigration law guarantees precarity and vulnerability (guest worker programs
as well)
o Immigration is criminalized under the guise of “prevention” (Bacon is condemning
o No one desires low wages, maltreatment, and dangerous work conditions
o This narrative obscures how displacement and migration are essential to
capitalist growth
You have to have people that are replaceable that you can throw away at
any time and others will come
o The history of resistance has always been what has made power yield to
demands for human rights in the workplace
o Sensenbrenner Bill:
A felon to be in the U.S. without papers
Business ties reveal widespread hypocrisy of corporate greed
Chapter 5 Bacon
o Omar Sierra: An anthem that births Los Jornaleros del Norte
o The power of congregation (Eeal Lewis)
o Organizing workers
Theater, music, soccer
o Local ordinances designed to make work a crime
o Laborers and unions (130)
The right to a job
American Racing Equipment, Justice for Janitors, SC drywallers
Contradictions/Small spaces of resistance (135)
o Ana Martinez and United Electrical Workers
o Choosing a side (153)
Chapter 6
o Black workers, immigrant workers, unions
o Mississippi Immigrants’ Rights Alliance
o 179
o In 2004, Mississippi and Louisiana had the first and second highest rates of
poverty in the nation and the second and fifth lowest rates of median household
o Among the bottom three states in unemployment benefits
o Approximately 36.6 percent of black Louisianans and 34.9 percent of black
Mississippians were considered impoverished
o The destruction of public housing, neighborhood displacement, and the
manufacture of the homeless were raging in full tilt in New Orleans in 2005
Took off the Davis Bacon act
o Capsulized employment
Chapter 7
o Illegal people or illegal work? The development of a narrative
o The labor movement is again benefitting from the influx of immigrants
Chapter 8
o Reviews what we already know
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find more resources at
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