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Lecture 6

CHIN 40 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Zhou Xuan, Xiao Hong, Chinese Clothing

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Michael Berry

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Week 3, Thursday!
Zhou Xuan and Chinese Stars
Legacy of Zhou Xuan!
starred 43 films and recorded over 200 songs, among which 114 are film songs!
reputation as “golden voice”!
earliest clones Stat, famous for both acting and singing!
songs still frequently appeared in contemporary Chinese cinema!
1918- 1920 mysterious date of birth !
adopted and sold to Wang family (originally from Su family)!
her adopted parent divorced, and sold her to a Zhou family, renamed again in
Shanghai (her adopted mother went back to Shanghai after divorce)!
1931 joined lainhua Song and Dance Troupe Studio !
the studio collapse due to military conflict !
1932 Started singing career and released er first album !
then the studio went to bankrupt in a year!
1933 Joined New Moon song Troupe!
1935 Began acting career as an actress and joined Yihua Kim company!
1937 Played Xiao Hong in Street Angel
1938 married Yan hua, 1941 divorced
1946 left for Hong Kong!
1950 Returned to Shanghai !
Shanghai and Early Chinese Cinema
Exploitation and Resistance in Orphan Island
1913, women were not allowed to performed on star!
Film release short after the Battle of Shanghai !
Battle of Shanghai and Orphan Island!
battle led to full-scale Sino-Japanese ward]!
shanghai occupied by Japan after the battle!
Foreign concessions become so-called ”orphan island” under J
1940 Japan, German and Italy jointly signed Berlin Pac to formalize Axis
1941 Japan declared was to Estern allies and took over all foreign
concession in Shanghai!
this battle male a lot of Shanghai Oil studio to close!
this historical context, Zhou yuan joined 國華studio, and the founder of this
studio were very patriotic!
most prolific period of Zhou Xuan!
1st type film: She as an innocent girls fighting agains social inequalities,
symbol of innocent Chinese fighting against the Japanese evils !
2nd type of film: with ancient Chinese clothing !
“in post wast China, moral choice during the Japanese Occupation were telescoped
into Clear-cut, idealized polarities: the prevalent perception was of Manichean world
in which, heroes less villains, selfless resisters fought shameless collaborators. In fact,
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