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Lecture 17

CHIN 40 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Chungking Mansions, Chinese Passport, The Big Road

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Michael Berry

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Week 9, Tuesday!
Chinese Cinema with Hollywood characteristics
Mandrin Ducks and Butterflies and May Fourth
Lu Xun, Diary of a Madman!
published in New Youth!
part of May Forth!
May Fourth Movement !
Chen Duxiu!
Hu Shi - Language reform, vernacular Chinese!
Lu Xun!
MDB representative!
Change Hen-Shui, Fate in Tears and Laughter, script of Two Stars
male actor-Raymond King!
MDB - know the 2 definitions!
1. Tragic love !
larger definition, negative view to martial art, spy, tragic love, etc!
MOVIE: Laborer’s Love!
shadow play = precursor of the cinema!
first Chinese film - Taking Army Mountain !
San Mao
Zhang Leping - abuelo que dibuja a San Mao!
trajectory and adaptation of San Mao!
homeless children, passive and abused!
then transformed to join Mao!
Zhou Xuan
die from mental health problem!
Li jinhui (後者)!
Red Comics
Li Shuanshuang!
Lei Feng!
Red Detachment!
Mai Jia
something about his talk !
how he suered during Cultural Revolution !
Martial Arts
Know terms!
Wuxia, Jianghu !
Fox Volant: structure, plot, history, values!
Jin Yong!
One Armed Swordsman: Tropes!
Mao Zedong
Ya’an Talks of 1942!
other talks about his cult !
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