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Lecture 19

CHIN 40 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Blood Simple, Hengdian World Studios, Wang Jianlin

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Michael Berry

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Week 10, Tuesday!
China’s Hollywood!
Sino-US relation establishments, ocials at 1979!
re establish policial relationship with US (which used to be called tiger, and enemy)!
Luchan Mountain!
Chinese American girl returns to China after long period of political census!
falls in love with a Chinese young guy!
female character’s make up and clothing style are Western!
way to re introduce the image of American culture !
nationalistic element in the content of the dialogue !
western influence in the fact that the language is English !
牧󵏸 Herdsman !
he escape from China and found business in San Francisco!
Son going to meet with his long lost father !
the father left the son when the chid is at 10 years old!
the end of the film, the son stayed in china (nationalism element always
dominate at the end)!
Early PRC Productions shot on Location in the
The Last of the Aristocrats, Xie Jin 最後的貴族!
北京在紐約, Deng ZhaoLong!
不󴢏不散 !
Chinese teacher teaching American Police ocers to speak Chinese!
Increasing prevalence of Chinese Filmmaker in
Chow Yun-Fat, Jackie Chang, Jet Li, Ziyi Zhang, Gong Li, Joan Chen, Jau Chou!
1.Chinese Cinema with Hollywood Blockbusters!
Post Crouchin Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2000 phenomena!
Rise new private film studios and market0driven production companies like Huayi
Brother company!
New state of the art studios such as Xu Wenrong’s Hengdian World Studios!
New generation of superstar producers!
The Wanda Factor!
Wang Jianlin!
entertainment enterprises in China, USA, Europes, Australia, !
investment in Chinese movies, and lots of movies that does not even look
like Chinese film!
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