CLASSIC 20 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Flamen Dialis, Quintilis, Praetor

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6 Feb 2017

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CLASSICS 20- Lecture #12- Enter Caesar
C. Iulius Caesar
100-44 BC- born in Rome on the 12th of quintilis
His uncle Marius, first marriage to Cornelia (daughter of Cinna), daughter Julia born in
83 BC
Already connected to players, married into important family
During the 80s
- father died in 85 (Praetor in 92)
- Caesar: almost flamen Dialis(priest)
- 82: Sulla demands a divorce from his daughter
- Caesar heads east to Asia as an officer sent to Bithynia
The queen of Bithynia
- lingered at court with king Nicomedes
- called the the queen’s rival, the inner partner of the royal couch
Gnaeus Pompeius
- born 106 BC, father died in 87, inheritance is the allegiance of his father’s army
- victories under Sulla: “magnus” cognomen, triumphed in 80
The 70s
- Pompey’s rise: triumphed a 2nd time
- consulship in 70 with M. Licinius Crassus (mastermind behind fire brigade, on his way to
becoming the wealthiest man in Rome)
- right after Sulla had established age of 42 to be a consul, Pompey gets in anyways
Caesar in the 70s
- almost all of the roman elite were bilingual and spoke greek as well
- 78 BC returns to Rome, 75 heads back east to study rhetoric
- captured by Pirates, 40 days of captivity and jocularity
- 73 joins the college of Pontifices
- almost all Roman aristocrats hold some kind of priestly office when they are politicians on the
The 60s
- 69: Quaestor- on his road to praetor and consul
- wife Cornelia and Aunt Julia dies as well
- gives funeral orations for both of them- innovation- one his first real innovations was how he
used funerals to transmit his message and take the stage, rostra, opportunity to talk to people
- traces historical family lineage to Kings and Gods
While in Spain
- at the statue of Alexander the great, sighs because he hasn’t achieved enough
- dream of violence to his mother, worried about what it means, soothsayers says that it is to
mother earth, means one day he will conquer all of earth
- Aedile in 65 BC: second innovation is the Gladiatorial games in the forum in the honor of his
father(85 BC)
- waited until he had the funds and used this as an excuse
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