CLASSIC 20 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Lex Gabinia De Piratis Persequendis, Bona Dea, Government Simulation Game

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8 Feb 2017

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CLASSICS 20- Lecture #13- Caesar: love and war
Rome transformed
Grown from a population of less than 200,00 after Cannae to more that 1,000,000 by the
late republic
The political game has now changed as Rome has expanded- the current governmental
apparatus is not fit now for such a large state
The 60s continued
Caesar: innovation in gladiatorial games in the forum in honor of his father when he was
Aedile in 65
Married again (pompeia) but divorced her after the Bona Dea scandal
- clodius wants her (his wife), Caesar has alliance with him, he famously says that his wife must
be above suspicion
The pirate threat
- crippling trade 67 BC- law passed that gives Pompey imperium to eliminate pirate threat- law
is called Lex Gabinia- eradicates pirate threat in 3 months
- Pompey is rising with the army, cements his fame and respect through major military action
Street Wars
Triumph as a political tool and the temple of jupiter- maximize on spectator capacity
Politically useful to build things along triumphal route- celebration, sacrifices, feasts
Parade of extraordinary proportions with soldiers and booty
Pompey the great returns to Rome in 62 BC from the east- 9 months of planning for the
triumph- seemed like he included the whole world in his three triumphs
- plunder carried in wagon loads, 12 ft statue, captives , families of conquered Mithridates,
bronze prows of 800 ships
- whole lotta booty, placards with the names of the conquered
Working his way- elected as pontifex maximus in 63- office held for life
Bona dea scandal leads to him divorcing his wife
Returns to Rome from spain in 60 at the time of the elections- he has a choice: triumph
or run for consulship
First triumvirate
So called alliance with pompey, crassus, and caesar
Caesar elected consul in 59- Iulia married Pompey
Caesar’s consulship of 59 BC with bibulus- who he really pushed to the side and
silenced him, bypassed senate and his co consul
Bird watching for signs- bibulus does this everyday, caesar starts riot so dung is poured
on his head and he runs away
Caesar to Gaul
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