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Lecture 3

ENGL 141 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Scop, Orality

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ENGL 141
Eric Jager

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Songs and Poetry
“Mournful lays” are instructive about the news
The purpose is to inform
The prehistoric twitter
How it angered the monster, but also how Beowulf heard about the monster in the first
Beowulf poet created the manuscript
The scop is his own character and lives in the court to create songs about heroes
Who remembered them all?” (869)
Orality + memory
The narrator is “I”
Poem within the poem
Detailed description of how to make poetry
Hate song from Grendel - what does that mean?
Ironic, but meant to praise Beowulf
An anti-eulogy
Religious undertone
He is his own type of scop that almost upstages the original scop
Dismemberment of Grendel
Speaks to the imagery of devouring
Belongs to an exchange where Grendel’s mother takes and leaves Asher’s head behind
Mead Hall
Microcosm of the world
His song reinforces what society has done to him
Nature v.s. Nurture
She makes a big speech after Beowulf’s victory
Why? Because now he is powerful and friendly to the Danes
Enlist his support
Bind him to the Danes for future references
Wants to protect her sons for the throne
Hrodulf & Beowulf are potential threats to her
Hrodulf = nephew
Nephews have a more important role to the king
Beowulf = savior
Maternal connections are more empirical than paternal
Take the speech and write about Wealtheow’s diplomatic rhetoric
What is trying to do
How does she use words to accomplish that agenda
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