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Lecture 9

ENGL 141 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Oxford Annotated Bible, Old English Literature, Future HistoryPremium

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ENGL 141
Eric Jager

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Satan is not mentioned in original
Caedmon is not associated with OE version with the Bible
Satan is confined to hell by fetters
Judith is accompanied by her female servant when she goes to the army (also God)
Judith wields a sword
The people are delighted when Judith comes back with victory of the war
The other narrator is called “The Dreamer”
Jesus is depicted as a warrior and referenced as a king
Adam is specifically mentioned to connection to Jesus in terms of suffering
1000 BCE - book of J
Typology is a way Christians read the bible
OT (Old Testament's) = original // prophecy
NT (New Testament’s) = belated // fulfilment
Adam → Christ
Eve → Mary
Jonah → 3 days
3 days Christ spends in the scripture
3 days Jonah spends in the belly
Shows the similarities between OT & NT
God is the ultimate author and human authors are just participating in a writing project
Book helps explain history and human life according to typology
Typology is like temporal interlace
Old English poetry has a similar device
Not exactly the same, but enough similarities
Dramatic entertainment that would cease the audience’s imagination
Jewish, catholic, and protestant bibles differ in chronology
Judith is referred as a shining lady
In old english, it translate as woman elf shining
Oxford Annotated Bible - Judith
Passive-aggressive undertones
“Unforgettable horror………………..”a masterpiece of ancient Jewish narrative”
Work of fiction……...aura of marvelous”
Perhaps antisemitic? Or is it something a comment about character itself?
Relinking it back to Jewish culture
Very similar to the story of Esther
Not necessarily hate towards Jewish people
Three Layers
I. Jewish story (originally in Hebrew)
II. Christian interpretation (theology)
A. Judith’s character towards Christian values
B. Typology
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