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Lecture 14

ENGL 141 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: David Graeber, Francis Fukuyama, Human Frailty

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ENGL 141
Eric Jager

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Unit 4 Key Concepts
Money and currency - an item used for payment of good or services,
accounting, repayment of debts, and stored value.
Bureaucracy - the administrative system governing any large institution or
group, whether it is in the public sector (as in governmental) or private sector
(as in business).
Triple bottom line - While “the bottom line” typically refers to the financial
profit of a company, the “triple bottom line” concept supports companies in
looking at social and ecological indicators of success as well as financial.
Sometimes this is summarized as “people, planet, and profit.”
David Graeber
Anarchist and anti-globalization activists
Was a professor at Yale until the school did not want to renew his contract
Students started to protest
Actual reason of why his contract was not renewed is unknown
Theory is that he defended a grad student that was an union organizer
that the school wanted to kick out from the grad program
Yale has a lot of union issues
He wanted to separate his life as an academic and activist, but it eventually interfered
Interested in communities with lack of government structure and human possibilities
Anthropology tries to understand what has been possible politically, economically, and
Affinity between anthropology and anarchist because anthropologists know that societies
without a state is possible
Lived in Madagascar for a while to study politics of human civilization and made the
connections to anarchy being successful in society
Anarchy believes in direct action wheres protest is appealing to powers to be nicer
Anarchy is acting as if you are already free
Ex: city has no drinking water → build a well and dare gov’t to stop you
Democracy without government
Commitment to an idea that a society is based off principles of self-organization,
voluntary association of mutual aid
Not belief that we could have it
Direct action exposes the structures of power and also what it embodies in alternatives
Potential model of democracy
Don’t believe in nation states
Globalization is a great idea, but its execution and what passes as globalization is not
Increase in border control
Free trade? Not really
1870s - 1890s = world peace and time of anarchy
Anarchy became the center of imaginative revolutionary left
Anarchism disappears and was replaced by Marxism
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