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Lecture 10

ENGL 141 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: List Of Fables CharactersPremium

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ENGL 141
Eric Jager

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In Class Presentation
Five minutes only
Going in alphabetical order (last name)
Use an essay you had written
Short essay is fine
Revise and rehearse it
in case there are complex ideas you want to talk about
difficult words you have trouble pronouncing
Removing the stuff that is not important
Basically a summary of your written work
Bring in a copy of your rehearsal
Tips on Writing on Literature
What kind of work is this word/phrase/sentence/paragraph/section of your paper doing?
Eliminate fluff
Aka fancy language that is not necessary
That does not mean use short, choppy sentences
Use practical language that fits into the language of your paper
Revise it!
Proof reading it because sometimes reading it in your head, your mind will just
autocorrect and you won’t see your mistake
You want to hear your mistake too
Summary, quotation, citation, analysis, and interpretation
Which words = diction
What order = syntax
Think about the words you are choosing
Is it of Native English origin?
Or words borrowed from another language?
Learning that can help improve your paper because you understand the meaning
and usage of the word
Pick the verb with the most punch
Try to reduce the usage of verbs when there is a better verb out there that can replace it as
a whole
Same goes for words/phrases
In short, avoid wordy phrases
Try not to overuse “there is”
Try to avoid if anything
Shouldn’t be your first pick
Don’t make assumptions
If you’re using the word, “this”, don’t just say “there is”
find more resources at
find more resources at
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