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Lecture 4

ENVIRON 157 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Industrial Revolution, Hockey Stick, Global Warming

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Anupom Ganguli

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PUB POL 461 Week 1 lect 4
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Temperature Cycles
Ice core data on CO2 400,000 years
Recent data on CO2
Predictive Models for Climate
Int. Panel on Climate Change Model Results
Assumptions & Limitations
Future Research & Validation
Earth’s Climate Lessons from History
Periods of Relative Stability
Periods of ABRUPT Climate Change
‘Tipping Point’
Hockey stick curve.
In our life time, the ppm has not gone below 300 ppm, which is affecting everyone and everything
Increases in the abundance of atmospheric greenhouse gases since the industrial revolution are mainly
the result of human activity and are largely responsible for the observed increases in global
temperature [IPCC 2014].
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