GE CLST M71CW Lecture 2: Summaries of readings assigned discussed in class

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General Education Clusters
Rensel, M.A.; Le Goff, A.G.; Panofsky, A.L.

Scarre Chapter 19 ● Talks about agriculture and its implications through population, disease, and social economic consequences ● It discusses climate change and its impact on human anthropology ● Suggests that the Ice Age could be a periodic phase that may recur and understanding is fully is crucial ● Archaeology allows you to extend beyond written records so that you can understand more perspectives. Who writes a history book?: winners write their versions. For instance, there are two different narratives for something as recent as the civil war. Archaeology helps you take into account a lot more so that we can overcome biases ● Archaeology teaches us not just about the past but also the future as it helps us learn from the past ● It also helps us learn by understanding the problems: cause effect and potential solutions ● It could help with dealing with the scarcity of resources due to increase in population ● Archaeology> not just temporary consequences but long term Whose Past? ● This chapter Moves from more social and economic issues to ethical issues that archaeology embodies ● It defines ethics as the ​science of morality ● Why is it important? Beliefs and cultural histories are based on it. It tell you about your own past. ● Archaeology could be lucrative with respect to tourism, private collections etc. ● Consequences: fake artifacts, stealing of artifacts, trade of illegal antiquities. ● Media involvement affects how archaeology is portrayed to the public: For instance missing links isn't an archaeological term. It was made by the media. ● Cultural beliefs are embedded in history but they could be wrong. If that happens, how can we debunk them without causing cultural instability? ● People come up w
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