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Lecture 16

HIST 2C Lecture 16: Lecture 16

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Changing economic and social context
Radical Protestantism
Religious tensions
# of people being displaced from land
Out of 290 people, 23 were males
2 is 40
3 is 50
7 is 60
3 is 80
When women age is known
Accusers were usually related to persecuted by marriage
When looking at accusers, 148 males and 173 females
Lived in city, male, had power
During 16
17 century decline of witch craze
Town was separated as Catholics and Protestants
Led to the city, Loudon, becoming a tourist site
Urban Grandier case
Went to great Jesuit school in France (takes too long to become a
Became priest
Ambitious man so left Jesuit order and entered secular order
1615 was ordained as a Jesuit novice
Found in a diary in his house, he argued taking an oath on something you
can't fulfill (chastity) shouldn’t be accepted
At age 27, came to Loudon as priest and brought his family that took jobs
His sermon was loved by women
Had relationship with town persecutor's daughter and got her pregnant
Brought on charges and was forgiven and found innocent
Struggled against influential people in the town
Attended ceremony and offended the future Cardinal Richelieu
Urban married a rich pretty widow, Madelaine de Bron
Urban ignored and humiliated her
Spread of word her convent nuns was bewitched by Urban
Nuns were exorcised in public
Urban was tortured, didn’t confess, found guilty, hair shaved,
covered in sulfur and burned in August 18, 1634
People found a contract with blood and semen
This case was formed from local politics and hatred
Case brought to attention of Cardinal Richelieu and he let it continue
Sister Jeanne des Anges ran a poor convent and was born with physical
defects (hunchback) and wanted Urban
People began to doubt witches
As states centralized and the need for scapegoats went down and protestant
and Catholics had a settlement (treaty of Westphalia)
Lecture 16
Thursday, March 5, 2015 11:03 AM
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