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Lecture 1

HIST 3D Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Carl Reinhold August Wunderlich, Typhoid Fever, Edward Jenner

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The History of Modern Medicine
Winter Quarter 2019
Topics and Readings
All readings mentioned here, other than those in Porter, are available for downloading at the course
website. Videos that are available to view online from the Instructional Media Library are to be found
via links under “Media Resources” on the website, and are designated in this list as [Bruin Media]
Week 1 January 7 - 11
Lectures: 1) Course Introduction & Medicine c. 1775; 2) Conquering Smallpox
Discussion: Traditional Medicine and New Approaches in the 18th Century
Viewing: “’Fever - 1793’ - Historic Philadelphia Documentary” [YouTube] 29:06
“Edward Jenner: The Man Who Cured Smallpox” (2007) [Bruin Media 19548]
Reading: Roy Porter, The Greatest Benefit to Mankind: A Medical History of Humanity,
pp. 55-63, 255-277.
Hippocrates, Prognostics and Epidemics [c. 400 BCE] (selections)
Aaron Willey, “A short account of yellow fever which appeared on Block-Island
[Rhode Island] in 1801”
Robert Reid, Microbes and Men, pp. 9-14 [Montagu] and 15-25 [Jenner]
James Jurin, “Comparison of Danger of Natural and Inoculated Smallpox,
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, [1723], pp. 213-223
Edward Jenner, An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae
[1798], selections
Week 2 January 14 - 18
Lectures: 1) Paris & Physical Diagnosis; 2) Understanding Disease in the Clinic and the
Discussion: France and Germany: Autopsies, Physical Diagnosis, and Cellular Pathology
Readings: Porter, Greatest Benefit to Mankind, pp. 304-333.
René T.H. Laennec, Treatise on Mediate Auscultation [1816-1819], selections
Rudolf Virchow, Cellular Pathology [1856-1858], selections
Carl Wunderlich, On the Temperature in Diseases: A Manual of Medical Thermometry
[1868], selections
Week 3 January 21 - 25
Lectures: 1) Cholera and Typhoid Fever; 2) Tuberculosis in Industrializing Cities
Discussion: Understanding and Fighting Disease in the 19th-Century City
Viewing: “Typhoid Mary: The Most Dangerous Woman in America” (2004) [Bruin Media
Readings: Porter, Greatest Benefit to Mankind, pp. 299-303, 397-427.
John Snow, “The Principles on which the Treatment of Cholera Should Be
Based,” [1854]
William Budd, “On the Fever at the Clergy Orphan Asylum,” [1856]
J.N. Hays, “Tuberculosis and Poverty,” in The Burdens of Disease: Epidemics and
Human Response in Western History (1998)
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