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Lecture 16

HIST 8B Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Hyperinflation, Arturo Alessandri, United States Marine CorpsPremium

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Garcia Garagarza

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02/26/2016 History Lecture
Violetta Parra Gracias a la Vida
Victora Jara
Rafael Trujillo
Dictator of Dominican Republic (1930-1961)
Rose through the National Guard established by the US Marines
US granted independence to D.R but made it a protectorate
supported landed oligarchic elite and utilized military
export republic geared towards the benefits of the US
imposing economic conservatism: landowner oligarchy depending on sugarcane export
rule ruthlessly over mass of peasants
US cannot justify these occupations with the colonial reasoning
create a facade of a parliamentary republic with a strong army that will
decide for the country with facade of republican elements
fake elections
US Army occupies Dominican Republic under claim that D.R should pay debt
50,000 people die under Dominican Republic
disappeared, jailed, tortured
Trujillo outlaws every other opponent political party
Partido Dominicano: personal property of the dictator Trujillo
every government employee had to pay for the party
if you opposed, you were killed
Trujillo names himself Supreme Power
renames the capital Trujillo
“Trujillo on Earth and God in Heaven”
Trujillo reelected in fake elections
Introduced the death quads
Los 42
kill opponents in drive by shootings
el carro de la muerte
armed with machine guns
The Military Intelligence Service
Trujillo created official policy of racial discrimination against Haitian immigrants
When economic trouble arises, society reacts with xenophobia
Blame the Haitian immigrants
The Parsley Massacre: organized a massacre of 30,000 Haitian immigrants
Expedition to topple Trujillo
Fidel involved in expedition
1959: Castro sends plane to D.R
Trujillo was a feudal lord
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