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Class Notes for HIST 9C at University of California - Los Angeles

Introduction to Asian Civilizations: History of Japan

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HIST 9C Lecture 17: Sexuality and Gender

find more resources at Sexuality and Gender Tuesday...

HIST 9C Lecture 16: Sexuality and Performativity

find more resources at Sexuality and Performativity...

HIST 9C Lecture 15: Norms of Tea Ceremony

find more resources at Norms of Tea Ceremony Tuesda...

HIST 9C Lecture 14: Politics of Wabi

find more resources at Politics of Wabi Thursday, F...

HIST 9C Lecture 13: Against the Poison of Modern Civilization

Against the Poison of Modern Civilization Tuesday, February 23, 2:0...

HIST 9C Lecture 12: Oshio's Philosophy

Oshio's Philosophy Thursday, February 18, 2:19 PM • Unity of kn...

HIST 9C Lecture 11: Tenmei Great Famine

Tenmei Great Famine Tuesday, February 16,1:52 PM • Economic Exch...

HIST 9C Lecture 10: Exploitation and Protest in 19th Century Japan

Exploitation and Protest in 19th Century Japan Thursday, February 1...

HIST 9C Lecture 8: Heian Period

Heian Period Friday, February 5, 11:59 AM • 794-1180 • Moved fr...

HIST 9C Lecture 9: Empowering the Ordinary

Empowering the Ordinary Tuesday, February 9, 22:02 PM Popularizat...

HIST 9C Lecture 7: Religion and the State

Religion and the State Thursday, February 4, 21:59 PM A History of ...

HIST 9C Lecture 6: History of Progress

History of Progress Tuesday, January 26, 2:02 PM Major shift in the...

HIST 9C Lecture 1: The Yamato State

The Yamato State Tuesday, January 5, 210:59 AM Primary Source (orig...

HIST 9C Lecture 2: Mythistory

Mythistory Tuesday, January 12, 1:35 PM Mythistory: Creating the Di...

HIST 9C Lecture 5: Myth of Progress

Myth of Progress Thursday, January 21, 2:06 PM Regime change in 186...

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