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Lecture 2

LING 165C Lecture 2:

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Dylan Bumford

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1/16/19 Lecture 3
- TR 1/2
- Depending on different worlds, the results from an identity are different.
i.e [The Mayor]
- The same idea applies to verbs. i.e [Left] in W1 may defined J and M left, but W2
defines M to be the only person who left
- The bolded points are all intentions
-Extensions comes from picking one of the rule, and ask what the larger
intentions of the rule are.
- i.e f: <s, t> and f(w) 𝛕 where 𝛕 is the extension
-Example of the Iverson bracket
: [ j { j , m , k } ] = 1
Iverson Bracket:
[ p and q ] = 1 iff p and q is true 0 otherwise
- TR-5
- Let [𝜶] = j or (e) and [𝝱] = {j, m} or (P(e))
- TR-4
- If we have an intransitive verb we also have a verb phrase which also
pronounced the same way and has the same meaning
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