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Lecture 6

MUSIC 140A Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Francesco Landini, Ballata, Virelai

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Robert W Inter

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Machaut: rondeau, “Rose, lis, printemps, verdue”
Order of how he wrote: tenor, bass, alto, soprano (3421)
Giovanni da Firenze (1340-50): Caccia, “Con bracchi assai” (“With many dogs,” ca. 1345)
Two voices, one trombone
Some movement in their voices
First voice is straighter than the second
Uses some quick vibrato
Wrote a lot of rests - easier to write canons, voices are only together for a short period of
Vacia, Varin, Torna, Picciolo - names of his dogs
Hunting song, voices “hunt” after each other
Dido and Aeneas
Very famous story
Living in a cave - scene everyone recognizes
Ritornello - diminutive, little thing that returns
*Pick favorite song, desert island song (~5min), for next class*
Francesco Landini (1325-97): Ballata, “cara mie donna” (“My dear lady,” after 1360?)
Was blind but was able to build and tune organs
Poet, musician, composer
From country we call Italy today, at some court
More noise, sociable in Rome than in Paris
In Rome, the sun is out all the time, people spend time outside
We would expect Italians to be more tuneful based on this
Very similar to virelai
But it’s ballata - an Italian poetic and musical form in use from the late 13th to the
15th century. It has the musical structure AbbaA, with the first and last stanzas
having the same texts.
English horn ish thing = shawm
Double reed instrument
Loud, outdoor instrument
Sackbut = early form of trombone
Musica ficta - the introduction by a performer of sharps, flats, or other accidentals to
avoid unacceptable intervals
Optional accidental
Yellow highlights in the score = parallel unisons and fifths
Parallel 5th and octaves were just part of the texture back in the day
Landini *more or less* created this type of cadence, under-third cadence - Landini
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