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Lecture 9

MUSIC 140A Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Josquin Des Prez, Missa Papae Marcelli, Indulgence

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Josquin: Credo from the Missa L'homme armé super voces musicales
“The only begotten son of God”
He was born by a miraculous means
Martin Luther
Went to Rome, was disgusted him
Church was selling “tickets to heaven” - indulgences
Made a list of 95 things that were wrong, corrupt about Catholic church
Someone took them to a printer and sent him a printed copy of it
Spread around Europe - great deal of change started from here
People converted from Catholic to Lutheran
If pope dies, cardinals vote for next one
Music was calming, soothing, celestial - but took place during time of turmoil
Years of war over religion, but people forgot why they were fighting in the first
They wanna make sure people know “and was incarnate by the Holy Ghost of the Virgin
“Et incarnatus est...”
Very personal note on the birth of Christ
Baptism - central part of the Catholic ritual
Ceremony with water (full emersion)
Trent - plague did not get hit
Council of trent met and did stonewall (ignored/denied)
Went on for 18 years of fighting
Discussed music - nobody could understand what Josquin wrote
Very stretched out lyrics
Overlapping words
Didn’t want instruments, they thought they had nothing to do with God
Got rid of polyphonic music
Palestrina: Credo from the Pope Marcellus Mass
Josquin Mass
L’homme ar
Violent song about arms and put it in really nice music
Palestrina Mass
Name was basically John Peter, but in Italian
As he got well-known, royalty named him after the place
Legend: known for singlehandedly saving his polyphony
Mass was published 1567
First violin known to date 1564, Amati
2 or 3 people singing the same thing, so people can hear the words
Council was pleased, as long as people can understand
Myth: belief system, not true
Legend: has to do with some real person
6 voice piece, didn’t really have that before
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