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Political Science
Tim Groseclose

PS 171C Week Four Tuesday  Amendments o Can strike certain text and replace with corresponding text o “insert where appropriate” to essentially add another bill into the bill in question  What does the phrase “It takes a Nixon to go China” mean? o Is somehow Nixon is saying its fine to open relations with China, then there must be something to opening up relations o Costs of recognizing China (opening up diplomatic relations with them) is that it rewards a communist country (not supported by the median voter of the US) o Benefits of recognizing China were mainly economic from trade; assume that the benefits are uncertain but the president is more informed than voters o If Nixon wants to recognize China, then others must assume his additional information implies the benefits are high; thus the average voter thinks “If Nixon favors it, so must I if I were fully informed”  Suppose you are the leader of China, and you know that Nixon and McGovern both favor the US’s recognizing China. To maximize the chance of that, whom do you prefer to be president? o Nixon since it sends a better signal  Dan Quayle asked Ted Kennedy to be one of the primary sponsors of his bill on job training. Was this a wise move? o Yes, it says even a conservative likes this bill o Quayle was more conservative than the average Republican  Few first term senators are able to author and pass such major legislation. Suppose you were Dan Quayle during the 1988 presidential race (in which he was a VP candidate). Would you advertise this achievement? How would you respond if you were his Democratic opponent? o  On labor issues do you think Quayle is to the left or right of Ronald Reagan? o Left  What was the SQ with regard to federal job training? If Quayle and Kennedy had not introduced their legislation, what would have happened? o CETA. But it was set to expire. After expiration the SQ would have been nothing o “Sunset provision”  It is strange for Kennedy and Quayle to be co-authors of a major legislative proposal. Did Quayle give it to the liberals? Did Kennedy give in to the conservatives? o Both basically gave in to what the median senator wanted o With no bill, SQ would mean no federal jobs training (which may have been too conservative that much of the Senate would be induced to passing something) o If SQ happened, the median/majority of the Senate would have responded and passed some bill  Suppose Reagan vetoed the bill and Quayle managed an override with exactly 2/3 of the Senate. Describe Quayle’s likely coalition (e.g. all the Democrats and approximately 1/3 the Republicans, a moderate coalition, etc.). o Line graph having Quayle/Kennedy bill against SQ (0) o Looking at the issue on single policy dimension, bill should receive total support from left side and some support from right-leaning moderates  Was the Jobs Partnership Training Act an authorization bill or an appropriations bill? o Actually a authorization bill  If it’s an authorization bill, then why did it specify a spending amount? o $3.8 billion was the maximum that the law allowed to be appropriated  Can you appropriate money in an authorization bill? o Technically it breaks chambers’ rules but sometimes those rules are waived  What does the “five minute rule” mean? o After someone proposes an amendment (especially in committee) that members has 5 minutes to debate  What does it means to “strike the last word?” o This is a pro-forma amendment (no substance to it). o Literally = deleting the last word of the bill o These never pass; they are just a means to get debate time  Video: Barney Frank k
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