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Political Science 50 September 2 , 2013 I. James Madison a. Writer of the Federalist Papers (written to persuade states to ratify the constitution) b. Federalist #51, written by Madison, is the idea that we need gov’ w/ power, authority, and resources, but can control government itself. c. The reality of the revolution is that colonists saw British parliament as the oppressors, not necessarily the King. Parliamentary of Britain, of that time, was ruled by the rich. The fear was not of the return of the King, it was the rule of the majority. d. The design of the constitution incorporates checks and balances: House/Senate/ Legislative Branch. e. The compromise of the American Constitution was that the House of Rep represents population, while every state is represented by 2 senators. The House of Rep should represent the people, and the senate should represent the state itself. The states give up sovereignty for protection from the federal government. The senate over represents the populations of small states to avoid big states having reign over smaller states because of their smaller population and lack of House of Reps. f. The senate and House of Rep were built to disagree with each other. In order for laws to pass, the two typically disagreeing groups must reach an agreement (checks & balances). The only check of tyranny of the majority with parliament in Britain at the time, was public vote- which was rare. II. What do we want out of our government? a. Security and Order i. Protection for invasions and general order (traffic laws) b. Protection of Property and Civil Liberties Political Science 50 September 2 , 2013 i. Without strong property rights, there is little determination to acquire such things. ii. Enforcement of contracts (civil law) c. Promotion of the Economy i. The federal reserve ii. Interest rates iii. Subsidies d. Redistributions i. This comes in to the point of people thinking the gov’ needs to do more than the listed above ii. Helping those who receive the short end of the stick: unemployment aid, job retraining skills, e. Promotion of Community i. Often argued whether it’s the role of gov’ to play or not ii. Taking a multi-ethnic polity and being merged togetherand “united we stand, united we fall” iii. In risk is the loss of individuality, in gain would be a strong greater government iv. This would include the p
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