PSYCH 130 Lecture 7: Lec 4-1 Socioemotional Development in Infancy and Toddlerhood

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University of California - Los Angeles
Taylor, S.

Lec 4-1 Socioemotional Development in Infancy and Toddlerhood Babies are uniquely prepared to hear and produce all sounds (150) of human language crucial for children to have an enriched and engaged social life if not learned by 5-7, probably cannot master language The more a child is spoken to, the more vocabulary they pick up Watching cartoons is not as important to development as talking to other people As adults, we lose the ability to differentiate sounds that are not part of our mother tongue Babbling (repeating words/syllables over and over) — preprogrammed and sounds the same all over the world Babies can understand hundreds of words but can’t say any Babies don’t yet have accommodation skills; don’t treat abstract concepts/pictures as the same as real world objects By rehearsing phrases aloud, babies analyze their structure age 3: huge advances in speech complex sentences of 3-4 words can convey contents of imagination can create sentences never heard before Theories of Socioemotional Development Freud: Theory of Psychosexual Development biological determinism with early family experiences based on focus of sexual energy (libido) conflicts between pleasure and demands of reality resolution of these conflicts shapes personality Oral Stage (birth-1) focus on mouth (sucking, feeding) pleasure from mouth quality of relationship with mother influences development Anal Stage (1-3) focus on elimination (toilet training) pleasure from anus Erikson: Theory of Psychosocial Development primary motivation is to affiliate with others development occurs throughout entire lifespan
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