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4 January 2011 Psych 178 – Lecture 1 What is motivation? How do we motivate self and others? • Motivation is more than just achievement, you may be more motivated to play video games than to do well in school but that does not mean you are not motivated. o This means there are a lot of phenomena that fall under the definition of motivation. • Why do we act the way we do? This falls across a lot of domains. • Another problem is that we already know a lot of about motivation and a lot of theories about motivation and how to change motivation already. • How do we get beyond regular people who already seem to know so much about motivation? o Create theories that incorporate a wide variety of phenomena.  Why is someone drinking? • He has a hunger, a need. A thirst. Theories of Motivation • How do we develop scientific theories on how to motivate people? o Take metaphors by taking the known to illuminate the unknown.  This person is a shark. Does not mean this person is literally a shark but someone who is dangerous and someone you have to look out for.  This person is a lamb. This person is very docile and tame. You do not need to be aware of scared.  A person can be more than one metaphor. o The person is a machine – the person does not think and does not have emotions. There are just input/output relations.  Rats go out at night not by choice but by years and years of evolutionary history. It has no choice but to go out at night.  Can the machine metaphor sufficiently fit human action and what is the range of behaviour we can explain with this metaphor? o The person is a decision maker – the image is one of a
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